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[VIDEO] What mistake did these performances of great 60’s songs make that is unforgivable today?

Something is done in many of these songs that is rarely seen today!

In the “live” format of the time, almost all bands were in actually “singing and playing” to the recorded original, sometimes known as “playback”. Can you tell which ones weren’t lip-synced?

Then, it wasn’t thought of as necessarily a bad thing as it usually is now. For example, Beyonce was castigated for a performance during the last couple of years that was widely thought to be “playback”, after which she held a press conference and sung a few lines live.

Performed live or not, these are some of the great songs of the 60’s people are still talking about! Dave Clark 5, Herman’s Hermits, an early lineup of the Searchers, early Moody Blues, Steppenwolf, the Beatles, and more. Four of them seem to be actually live. Do you know which ones?

Some of these rare, unearthed videos even we hadn’t seen, so enjoy. These are the entire songs, so just move forward in the video if you want to go to the next song!

(Pictured above is the great Mike Smith, main voice of the DC5)

After watching the video, see the next page below for the answer, and no peeking!


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