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Watch Beatles Fans Piss off Motorists 24/7

Live Cam of Abbey Road Crossing.

Talk about iconic… After all these years, people are still flocking to the famed zebra crossing at Abbey Road in London. Now it has a live cam to let you watch 24/7! WARNING: this is addictive, we found ourselves wasting a lot of time just wondering who would do what next.

“It’s been 45 years since The Beatles nonchalantly walked across the zebra crossing outside Abbey Road Studios in London, but people are still imitating the oddly iconic album cover on what is now a grade II listed site.

Heroically, Abbey Road provides a live feed of the crossing, seemingly for no other reason than to let bored people giggle and bang their legs with glee as motorists are ceaselessly held up by people jauntily striding the zebra stripes.

I’m only 15 minutes into this time swallower and I’ve already witnessed:

– A man walk across, then back, then back again, then spontaneously sprint across it for good measure

– A guy placing a self-timer camera in the middle of the road with flagrant disregard for traffic

– A lady stop mid-crossing and do an awkward semi-splits”

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