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[VIDEO] Remastered Video: The Long and Winding Road

The Beatles at their best and a unique perspective…

on how we remember them.

“Because they broke up in 1970 – officially in April when the oldest, Ringo, was 29 and George had just turned 27 – our mental image of them has never aged, frozen forever in sound and vision, a shorthand for eternal youth.” – Mark Ellen

To some of us, because of our age, at the time they still seemed “older”. And then suddenly it’s all these years later (how did that happen??), and we still remember them the same way. Fortunately, at least we still have two of the Beatles still touring, looking great, and bringing their hits (and those of others, in the case of Ringo) to enthusiastic audiences around the world.

Take a look back for a few moments at the remastered video clip below that looks like it could have been made last week. Share what you were doing when this came out!

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