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[VIDEO] Crazy misheard lyrics

The one at 2:23 will crack you up! What’s your favorite?

We’ve all wondered about lyrics in some well known songs, and what the heck they’re actually saying. One of the most famous that you may be familiar with is from “Blinded by the Light”, included in the video. But you may not be aware of some some of the others, or maybe even be surprised that they could be misheard.

For example, the misheard line from Creedence Clearwater’s Bad Moon on the Rise is hilarious, but we always knew what they were saying. On the other hand, there are lyrics from Beatles songs that we only now realize what they were saying, or still don’t know. We could look them up but what fun would that be? 😉

Check out these misheard lyrics, let us know your favorites or add yours!