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The Beatles release Abbey Road today in the UK 1969 (Sept 26)

[VIDEO] Watch the Beatles talk about making Abbey Road

At 5:36 in the video, George makes an interesting comment about what the fans gave as compared to what the Beatles gave during the whole process.

Abbey Road was the last album released by the Beatles and regarded by many as their greatest work ever. John, Paul, George, Ringo, and George Martin talk about their thoughts on making Abbey Road and various songs on the album.

The video begins with George Martin talking about being surprised, after Let it Be, that they even wanted to do anything else. He thought that Let It Be was a rather unhappy album even though there were some good songs on it. The video goes on to describe how the new album was conceived, and events leading up to and during its making.

Really interesting recorded comments, photos from all the Beatles, as well as some great video clips from George, Paul, Ringo and George Martin.

If you haven’t seen this it’s a must see, and even if you have, it’s a great recap on the release of one of the greatest albums of all time on the anniversary of its release in the UK (a few days later in the US).

Let us know your thoughts on Abbey Road and this video!

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