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[VIDEO] Journey to lead vocalist of Journey: Arnel Pineda

How unlikely is this?? New lead vocalist found on Youtube

Journey had some of the most memorable hits ever, such as Don’t Stop Believin’, I’ll Be Alright Without You, and Faithfully. As the video below mentions, the band had sold 80 million records, had multi-platinum albums, and played to sold out stadiums. But when powerhouse lead vocalist Steve Perry left the band in the mid 90s, he left a void that was hard to fill, to say the least. His unique voice and soaring vocals made the band what it was.

So, if someone had suggested that the band simply check out who’s on Youtube that sounds like Steve and make that person the new lead vocalist, it would sound not only unlikely, but preposterous. Yet, sometimes in life the unlikely and preposterous happens. Journey’s lead guitarist stumbled upon Arnel Pineda from the Philippines on Youtube. He had captured the sound of Steve Perry’s vocals and was blowing away audiences in his country.

Check out this video, part one of three from Oprah, and let us know what you think!