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Happy birthday John Lennon!


What might have been?

Can it really be so many years since one of the most influential musicians ever was born and later exploded onto the music scene with his mates Paul, George, and Ringo, and then left us all too soon? What might have happened musically if John was still going strong like Paul is now? We can only wonder what music the world has missed by John not being here, and whether there would have been more collaboration with the others.

There definitely were differences among the guys which ranged from outright hostility to perhaps merely annoyances in later years. For example, in a 1980s video, George commented on Paul’s suggestion that possibly the two could write together. George said something to the effect that he (George) had only been around for the past 30 years, and nice that Paul was just then noticing that they might write together.

And of course, the friction caused in part by John bringing Yoko to their recording sessions is no secret, although Paul has stated recently in an interview that it was not Yoko’s fault that they disbanded.

Someone commented on our other post about the making of Abbey Road that John was always the key to a possible Beatles reunion. It may be that after a number of years the remaining Beatles would have mellowed to the point of doing more together, but even solo we have surely missed some great work from John.

What do you think? What are your memories of John on his birthday?

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