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Guess what band held the #1 spot on March 6, 1967?

98 KIMN Hit Parade, 3/6/67, Denver CO.

Remember when AM radio stations put out a weekly survey of top hits? FM stations just coming onto the rock scene did too, but that’s another story.

Denver radio station 98 KIMN, known as the “Denver Tiger” among other things in its heyday, was the top station in the area and sponsored many high profile concerts of the time, such as the Beach Boys. This top 50 hit list from KIMN shows at least several songs you’re sure to remember, and many more that you probably don’t.

Oh, and not surprisingly, if you didn’t notice, The Beatles held the number one spot with Strawberry Fields/Penny lane.

Do you remember KIMN radio or another station like it in your area? Let us know!