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[VIDEO] Can a 1971 live performance and the brief presence of George Harrison and Art Garfunkel…

…breathe new life into this classic song about marriage?

Many of us have a list of songs that we never really need to hear again, and for some of us here, this has been one of them. Songs in this category may not even be bad songs, maybe they have just been overplayed when they were hits or over the years.

But when we stumbled onto this 1971 performance of “That’s the Way I’ve Always Heard it Should Be”, prefaced in the video with the briefly noted presence of George Harrison and Art Garfunkel (it is unclear whether they are backstage or in the audience), we decided to rethink that opinion.

Carly Simon was everywhere in the early 1970’s and had some mega hits. This one had long since grown tiresome to some of us (nothing against Carly), but this performance comes across as poignant and performed well by the young singer at a large concert venue.

Some of the lyrics are actually rich in conveying imagery (“his cigarette glows in the dark”).

What do you think?



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