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[VIDEO] Beach Boys “first draft” of ‘Fun, Fun, Fun’ – Must see

A “first draft” may have looked like this

So what if Brian Wilson had gotten stuck while writing “Fun, Fun, Fun”, and couldn’t really think of much other than “hamburger stand” and related things like lettuce, french fries, and tomatoes, until later finishing the song? Well, this is what it may have been like.

I can still remember buying the 45 RPM single in 1964 when it came out on Capital records, listening to it over and over, watching the familiar “swirl” of the orange and yellow label (just like in the video) as it played.

If you’re familiar with the song itself, this will be a riot and if you’re not familiar with it, it is probably still a riot… I watched it over several times in the past few weeks. Kevin Bacon and the guys at the Fallon show do a great job, right down to the black and white production and striped shirts, just like the Beach Boys wore for some of their concerts back in the day.

Take a few minutes to enjoy and share this one.