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“Baba O’Riley”: Showdown at “The Voice”

Classic Song (a/k/a Teenage Wasteland), but Controversial Outcome: Who would you vote for?

Two of the strongest singers featured on this season of The Voice performed one of the most incredible songs of all time by the Who, each singer hoping beat the other to remain in the competition. Manny Cabo’s powerful voice and presence was matched against Keith Semple with perfect pitch and hitting the notes with precision. On top of that, they’re being judged not only against each other, but also in comparison The Who, a group which of course is normally immaculate in their performances of Baba O’Riley.

Adam Levine had a tough choice to make between these two. Find out who he picked! Who would you vote? Let us know what you think!

For an “unfair” comparison with the original, see the next page below!


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